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Will there be a memorable Sheriffs forum in Santa Clara County?

It is the season of political races with campaigns, debates, forums, and swaying the people for votes in choosing the right leaders to run our city.  Recently I assisted with a Mayoral Forum in San Jose’s District 1, hosted by the D1Leadership Group and Council Member Pete Constant’s Office. The event was not only entertaining for a forum but a huge success with over 410 people in attendance from the community.   It is impressive to me that, in this Mayoral Race, all the candidates chose to share the stage with their opponents time and time again, in many community groups throughout San Jose. They can smile, laugh, joke, show respect to their opponents and still demonstrate authority in answering the pressing questions from the community.
There is one forum during this season of debates yet to take place in San Jose: that being the Sheriff’s race between Laurie Smith and Kevin Jensen.  After the mayoral forum in District 1, many approached me about holding a Sheriff’s Forum.  Thrilled with the idea of a forum like this it was time to get to work and see if this could be accomplished. All invites went out and all confirmed but one; I am waiting to hear from Sheriff Laurie Smith.
There are still many undecided voters who watch these debates wanting to know more from the candidates wanting to lead. Some are just learning politics, new in the game, others just became able to vote and then there are those with history of voting who have been disappointed in the past and want questions answered before voting on June 3, 2014. The debates amongst candidates are an excellent way to allow voters to hear the ideas for the future and possibly support them. Debates enable voters, teach our youth and learn to judge for themselves about the candidates realism and vision then having to trust the different sources of media.
When a Candidate refuses to participate or fails to show up at a forum with debates like this, it suggests a disrespect for the voters and is frustrating to those who really care about our city’s future. To have a cynical attitude or a sense of entitlement to the position without a challenge, competition or debate to earn votes from the public is ignorant and demonstrates weakness, not strength. This could even send the message to the public the candidate has something to hide and fears the truth will come out in a debate to expose them. 

Our representatives should be accountable to the people and not attempt to discredit the serious voters out there or the youth learning about politics.  So let’s hope this Sheriff’s Forum will take place in the near future for the voters to learn who will be the best choice as sheriff. 

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caseythomas.wordpress.com on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 5:23 PM
I’ve gotten news today that Sheriff Laurie Smith is avoiding answering requests to appear in forums and debates that would put her up against Kevin Jensen in a public venue. Today, Danielle Pirslin of FOP Lodge 52 posted her blog about how she participated in the San Jose Mayor’s Forum recently and found it “entertain
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Concerned Citizen on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 8:42 PM
Ms. Pirslin, June 3, 2014 will be the only time voters will have the chance to vote for the position of Sheriff. The Sheriff's race will not go to the November ballot. Remind the voters June 3, 2014 is their chance to have their voices heard. Your point about the need for a debate in the Sheriff's race is on point. There has been little to no coverage on this race and that there is a refusal to participate in a debate should be news. I have been following other blogs and found where Mr. Danny Domingo a retired Police Detective and a volunteer of the Klaas Kids Organization assisting in the search for Sierra Lamar says this about his experience and interaction with Sheriff Smith, "In my personal estimation, Sheriff Smith has hampered the search effort for Sierra Lamar." It is a sad affair when there is a nationally recognized organization ready and willing to help the search effort to be stymied by the Sheriff. This topic maybe one of the reasons this Sheriff is unwilling to have the public debate to answer these questions. Please continue to push for the public debate.
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Danielle Pirslin on Friday, August 1, 2014 8:11 AM
Thank you for the information and I agree the search effort for Sierra Lamar is a sad affair. This could be one of the reasons Sheriff Smith did avoid a public debate among the many other things she knows is out in the open about her affairs in the department. As well as her campaign managers responses to my emails (clearly shows) they did not even read my invitation to a debate for the public. If she is here to serve and protect the people, then don't you think the people have a right to ask their leader questions to know more?

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