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One has to ponder the thought process of why our law makers are always trying to dilute our system of laws.  Over the last 20 years we have had a significant drop in violent crimes of murder and robbery, for example.  What occurred?  Do you remember the term "tough on crime?"  Incarceration and longer sentences has been one answer. The three strikes law also kept our communities safer. Current trends in crime statistics may be changing.  Enacting laws to make our communities less safe leaves us bewildered and questioning the logic of such a move.

Officer Down Memorial Ice Water Challenge

Our President of FOP Lodge 52 andRetired Sgt. Robert Lopez (SJPD) was Challenged (click to view) by Ryan Welch and Richard Calderon to complete Officer Down Memorial Ice Bucket challenge. What is the Officer Memorial Down Ice Challenge? Officers have called out other officers of their choosing to Donate $100 dollars to the cause, or get a bucket of ice water poured on them while being recorded on video and then donate $10 to the cause within 48 hours, if they don’t take the challenge in 48 hours.

Surprises in San Jose city council races

POSTED:   06/04/2014 04:07:04 PM PDT- UPDATED:   17 DAYS AGO
SAN JOSE -- The House of Campos took a hit on the east side and a cop rose from obscurity to the top in downtown. Election Day produced some surprising results in the races for City Council, setting up run-offs in November that could shift the balance of power at City Hall.

"Will the council stay center-right?" asked Larry Gerston, a political expert at San Jose State University. "There's a possibility the council could tilt to the left.

Cortese can restore pride in police ranks

Special to the Mercury News 

We support Dave Cortese for mayor of San Jose, and we'd like to tell you why. As former chiefs of the San Jose Police Department, we understand all too well the dire straits in which our department currently finds itself.
We didn't just lose 400 officers over the last six years. We lost literally centuries of police experience that will be difficult to replace -- patrol officers who knew the community, detectives with thousands of closed cases under their belts and future leaders groomed to take leadership roles.

Will there be a memorable Sheriffs forum in Santa Clara County?

It is the season of political races with campaigns, debates, forums, and swaying the people for votes in choosing the right leaders to run our city.  Recently I assisted with a Mayoral Forum in San Jose’s District 1, hosted by the D1Leadership Group and Council Member Pete Constant’s Office. The event was not only entertaining for a forum but a huge success with over 410 people in attendance from the community.   It is impressive to me that, in this Mayoral Race, all the candidates chose to share the stage with their opponents time and time again, in many community groups throughout San Jose.

Court Strikes Down San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s Challenge to Attorney General’s Summary of His Pension Reform Act

On March 17, 2014, a Superior Court judge rejected Mayor Chuck Reed’s challenge to the Attorney General’s summary of his “Pension Reform Act of 2014.”  Reed claimed the first sentence of Attorney General Kamala D. Harris’s summary was false, partial, and argumentative.  The Court analyzed the Attorney General’s sentence word-by-word, and found it was not false, misleading, or partial in any way.  

Attorney generals summarize each ballot initiative for voters in 100 words or less.

SJ police union disappointed with small recruiting class

SAN JOSE, Calif. — 
Less than half of the available San Jose police academy spots have been filled – a number called ‘disappointing’ by the city’s police union.Of the 60 spots in the incoming class only 29 were filled when the final pool of 58 applicants was processed by the hiring board on Tuesday night.

Deputy Chief Dave Knopf told that in the past the department would get around 1300 applications to go through the written and physical tests for each class. For this class, the agency had just 750.

San Diego at a summit and the Fraternal Order of Police

This past week I was in San Diego at a summit that was co-sponsored by the ALADS (Los Angles Deputy Sheriffs’ Association) and the Fraternal Order of Police. Also in attendance were representatives from Los Angles Police, National State Troopers, and International Brotherhood of Police. 

I was happy to see Large and small agencies present to talk about the problems facing Law Enforcement today. I felt that the tide may be turning as more agencies realize that we need put forth a united front.

San Jose Police Department PAL Cadet Program

The Necessity of Police Pensions

            Anumber of years ago, I came across an article which, among other things, described the choice to pursue a life of crime as a rational one. Essentially, they perform some sort of mental calculus in which they determine that the benefits (monetary, prestige, etc.) of committing a particular crime (i.e. dealing drugs) outweighs the risks and possible consequences of getting caught. The corollary to this is that the rest of us perform the same kinds of calculus albeit with different decisions and outcomes.
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